Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen has found a new way of gaining a competitive advantage. Well, at least in the eyes of the Minnesota Vikings.

Olsen hasn’t played since Week 2, and was scheduled to assist on the Fox broadcast of the Vikings’ game against the Rams on Sunday. The idea had long been in the works, especially since the game coincides with the Panthers’ bye week this weekend.

Olsen is slated to return in time for the Dec. 10 tilt between Carolina and Minnesota, and Vikings GM Rick Spielman has an issue with Olsen’s presence in the booth. He expressed concerns to both Fox and the NFL that the Carolina tight end would be getting an unfair advantage being in the booth.

When given the chance to offer his side Wednesday, it’s clear Olsen thinks differently.

“The notion that I’m going to gain an unfair advantage is crazy,” Olsen said. “We have scouts at every game across the league. I’m going to have enough trouble on my hands broadcasting a game, let alone looking for little nuances on the sideline.”

Per ESPN’s David Newton, Spielman’s concern is largely the suspicion that the Fox broadcast team — which will have access to practices leading up to the game — will share secrets with Olsen.

Still, Olsen’s not buying it.

“If you’re spilling your deepest, darkest game plan secrets to the broadcast crew that’s kind of on you,” Olsen said.

Despite the griping from Minnesota, it is something the 32-year-old tight end would entertain doing upon retirement, so he will do it anyways.

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