Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Falls Into Bunker During Round With President Trump


As any recreational golfer can attest, getting out of the bunker is hard — and we’re not just talking about hitting a sand wedge.

President Donald Trump was able to squeeze in some golf during his recent trip to Japan, hitting the links with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe.

Trump, of course, shared some video to his Twitter account from the round, but the best highlight actually came from a Japanese TV station (via Golf.com).

At one point during the round, Abe found himself in a sand trap. As he went to leave the bunker, he lost his footing and his balance and fell backward into the sandy spot.

Trump and PGA Tour star Hideki Matsuyama were up the fairway and didn’t see the tumble. Abe seemed no worse for the wear, though, so we can only imagine the trio shared a laugh about the fall.

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