In mere seconds, Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid went from animal to menace to actor.

During Monday’s game against the Utah Jazz, Embiid stuffed Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell and proceeded to stare him down while he laid on the ground. Mitchell, who is eight inches shorter and 40 pounds lighter than Embiid, got up and gave him a shove as he jogged to the other end. Embiid sold it, tumbling to the ground and drawing a technical foul.

All in about five seconds.

Here’s the sequence.

Arguably the most comical part of the sequence is Embiid’s transition from going to the ground to immediately snapping back up to taunt Mitchell after drawing the technical.

Maybe the “process” he’s been trusting for so long is the pursuit of an Academy Award?

Thumbnail photo via Thumbnail Photo Via Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports Images