Marshawn Lynch’s Mom Claps Back At Donald Trump After Attack On Raiders Star

Marshawn Lynch’s mom had no choice but to strike a presidential nerve after Donald Trump attacked her cub.

Delisa Lynch, mother of the Oakland Raiders running back, clapped back at the U.S. president Monday following his criticism of the NFL player for his failure to stand during the playing of the national anthem. Lynch sat during the U.S. national anthem Sunday but stood during Mexico’s national anthem prior to the New England Patriots vs. Raiders game at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.┬áTrump on Monday called on the NFL to suspend Lynch for the rest of the season, prompting Delisa Lynch to use Twitter to belittle the president’s failed attempts at buying an NFL team.

Trump has made at least three unsuccessful attempts to buy an NFL franchise — the Dallas Cowboys in 1983, the New England Patriots in 1988 and Buffalo Bills in 2014 — and Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Kahn suspects Trump’s inability to buy a team is a reason for his constant attacks on the NFL and its players.

Delisa Lynch might be adopting Kahn’s line of thinking in bringing up what might amount to a sore subject in the White House. She only proves no subject is off limits in political fighting.

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