Mike Pence’s political point cost local and national taxpayers bundles of cash.

The U.S. vice president’s early exit from the Oct. 8 San Francisco 49ers vs. Indianapolis Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium cost local police more than $14,000, USA TODAY’s Maureen Groppe reported Tuesday, citing public records a watchdog group obtained.

“(The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department) spent $2,736 in regular pay for 80 hours of officer time, and $11,428 in overtime pay for 223 hours of time,” the records indicate.

The vice president’s office didn’t respond to USA TODAY’s request for comment.

That figure is in addition to the estimated $250,000 that U.S. taxpayers spent flying Pence, his staff and security detail from Las Vegas to Indianapolis (for the game) and then to Los Angeles.

Pence left the Week 5 game prior to kickoff and after the playing of the national anthem, during which 23 San Francisco players knelt to protest police brutality and racial inequality. He claimed immediately after that he left the stadium in disgust at the “disrespect” players showed to “soldiers, our flag and our national anthem” but later revealed he and Donald Trump planned the exit ahead of time.

Niners safety Eric Reid criticized Pence after the game for performing a “PR stunt.”

As is the case in movies, some stunts are costlier than others.

Thumbnail photo via Mark Henle/The Arizona Republic/USA TODAY Network