Pro Golfer Records Terrifying Snake Vs. Mongoose Showdown While On Course


Word to the wise: If you ever find yourself golfing in South Africa, make sure to mind your surroundings.

Unless, of course, you enjoy mingling with cobras that are up to 6 feet long.

Don’t think we’re serious? Check out this video, which was recorded by pro golfer Andrew Coltart ahead of this week’s The European Tour tournament in South Africa:

Despite the lack of a gruesome conclusion, this video is the stuff of nightmares.

Seriously, what’s more horrifying than the sight of a huge, fully engaged cobra ready to attack? Nothing, that’s what.

As for the duel, it looks like the cobra had the upper hand, as the mongoose really never got that close. But mongooses are snakes’ enemies, so it wouldn’t surprise us if the tables eventually turned.

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