‘South Park’ Rips Jerry Jones, Desperate NFL Owners In Latest Episode


If there’s one thing we’ve learned throughout “South Park’s” 20-plus years, it’s that no person, place or thing is safe — especially the NFL.

Thursday night’s episode of the popular cartoon pulled no punches against the league, as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, commissioner Roger Goodell and the Los Angeles Chargers’ fanbase all took shots. However, it wasn’t until later in the episode that the NFL was revealed as the true punching bag.

In a nutshell, Season 21’s latest installment centered around a special education science fair and two students’ experimentation/creation of a fictional, water-dwelling microbial species called “water bears.” Once the water bears started showing signs of sentience by dancing to the “Hokey Pokey,” a group of suit-and-sunglasses-wearing big shots showed up to provide assistance, citing the impending “end of all things.”

Initially, most viewers likely assumed these guys were with the government. But as it turns out, it was a Jones-led group of NFL owners, who desperately were searching for new fans amid the league’s myriad public-relations crises. Watch a clip from the episode below.

(Warning: This is “South Park,” which means some might find the following material inappropriate.)

Here’s a higher quality clip of the scene at the Chargers game:

So, did the NFL’s plan work? (Spoilers ahead.)

Well, no, mostly because Cartman’s girlfriend, Heidi, consumed all the water bears at the end of the episode. You really had to have watched the whole season up until now to understand why she did such a thing.

As for the owners, they had to report their failures to Goodell, who was hanging in his office with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Watch the episodes final moments below.

Say what you want about “South Park,” but more often than not, show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone hit the nail on the head when it comes to topical humor.

Personally, we’re surprised they didn’t take a jab at Kraft, as the Patriots have been one of “South Park’s” most popular targets over the years.

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