We Guarantee You’ll Flinch At This Baseball Video That’s Going Viral

If you’ve ever stood or sat behind home play during a baseball game, you know how terrifying it is to have a ball beelining for your face. Sure, there’s a screen protecting you from getting hurt, but the initial reaction almost always is to duck and cover.

Well, if you plan on sitting behind home anytime soon, then there is now the perfect training video available.

Kevin Schneider, head baseball coach for Immaculata University in Pennsylvania, recently shared a video on his Instagram that’s sure to make you flinch. Don’t believe us? Check this out:

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Me at Prospect Camp today, “man, love this kid on the mound, and my commit Luca is up at the plate….better tape a closer look NOT protected by the screen of this matchup.” SEE YA FACE!!! WEAR IT!!! SEE YA PHONE!!! SEE YA TOOTH!! Hahaha somehow my phone still works right now though even though it’s literally split in two. All good, still had a great day. #RollMacs #immaculatauniversity #baseball #collegebaseball #wearit @barstoolsports @starting9

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Told you so.

Now, you probably think that Schneider was filming this moment from behind a screen. Wrong. He posted a follow-up video that shows the ball actually drilled him right in the face. Take a look:

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Got a lot of feedback about how crazy that last video posted was, and it was. But let’s just clarify what actually happened, the phone wasn’t on a stand, it wasn’t filming through a screen….that was the view of my face getting absolutely smoked. Hahaha. iPhone’s SAVE LIVES!!!! How nice is our field btw?!?! That was myself saying wear it on a voice over also, not the guy to took the video. Haha #wearit #baseball #collegebaseball #gotsmoked #iphonesavestheday

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As for people who actually sit behind screens, most find it difficult to not flinch in these situations. But the same can’t be said for former Giant Glass owner and Boston Red Sox superfan Dennis Drinkwater, whose shenanigans behind home plate at Fenway Park are the stuff of legend.

(Warning: the following video features some NSFW language)

What a force.

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