Anybody Who Orders This Sauce Holder Deserves To Have License Revoked

There are plenty of Kickstarter campaigns that are so dumb you can’t help but wonder who backs them, but this oen takes the cake.

DriveTribe posted a video Friday that highlights startup Milkmen Design’s ridiculous new product, DipClip. Similar to a mount for your phone, the DipClip is a holder for dipping sauce — something that’s both unnecessary and dangerous.

Setting aside the fact that roughly two-thirds of American adults are obese, and the last thing they need is a reason to shovel more fast food in their mouths, the last thing any of us need are more distracted drivers on the road. And although Milkmen cheekily puts “Dip responsibly. Don’t dunk and drive” at the bottom of its ads, the DipClip undoubtedly will encourage people to do just that.

If you’re going to a drive thru, it’s because you need to eat on the go, so it’s naive to assume people will pull into a parking lot to eat their food. But even if they did, the clip would then be unnecessary because there’s almost no chance they’d spill.

What’s more, the DipClip wouldn’t, as Milkmen suggests, be used by passengers. They would have both hands free and opposable thumbs, so holding a 1.3-ounce sauce packet wouldn’t be a huge a huge ask.

Given that distracted driving has contributed to the record high number of traffic fatalities in the United States in 2015, and is the biggest mistake made by teen drivers, the DipClip isn’t just a waste of money — it’s downright dangerous.

That said the product’s Kickstarter campaign has 2,000 backers and has more than quadrupled its $10,000 goal, so you unfortunately might end up driving next to somebody who has one.

Thumbnail photo via Facebook/Milkmen Design

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