Deadmau5 Reveals Awesome Color Choice For His McLaren Senna Hypercar


Next time an automaker says it will only produce 500 examples of a certain car, we can safely assume it means 499, plus one for Deadmau5.

The Canadian DJ tweeted a picture Wednesday morning, revealing that he’s one of the lucky people that has reserved a McLaren Senna, the British manufacturer’s upcoming 789-horsepower hypercar. Deadmau5 didn’t order his Ultimate Series model in traditional McLaren orange, but the Acid Green paint he chose is just as eye-catching.

It’s hardly surprising that Deadmau5 was on McLaren’s shortlist, given that he owns a P1, the first Ultimate Series model. What’s more, he’s a well-known car collector with a large social media following, something Ford found similarly attracting.

Ford, like McLaren, limited the production of its 2017 GT to just 500 units, one of which it reserved for Deadmau5.

He wasn’t the only P1 owner Ford chose to purchase the supercar either, as Jay Leno and C.J. Wilson also made the cut. It’s not clear if either of them have ordered a Senna, but considering Leno has a warehouse full of cars, and Wilson now owns the McLaren Scottsdale dealership, we suspect both probably have.

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