Gordon Hayward Shares His Take On Kyrie Irving’s Flat-Earth Theory

Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward

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Holding your teammates accountable is important, and it appears the Boston Celtics have no issue doing so.

Kyrie Irving has shined in his first season with the C’s, but the point guard’s on-court talent seemingly has been discussed as much as his theory on the third planet from the sun.

While Irving wasn’t the first professional athlete to suggest that Earth is flat, the 25-year-old effectively has become the poster child for the debate. Though some members of the Celtics organization have at least considered that Earth might not be round, it’s clear Gordon Hayward won’t be joining this group of outside-the-box thinkers.

During a recent Twitch live stream, a user asked the Celtics forward if he abides by Irving’s theory, which prompted a blunt response from Hayward.

Gordon Hayward rejected Kyrie Irving's flat earth theory on Twitch Sunday morning 😂

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Judging by Hayward’s short comment, it’s evident he has no interest in dwelling on this Earth controversy. When he’s not gaming, the 27-year-old is rigorously working on his rehab, which he “hopes more than anything” results in a return to the court this season.

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