Regardless of how you feel about NFL RedZone, it’s tough to argue it doesn’t work on some level. But should the NBA consider offering a similar service?

To put it simply: no.

“But NBA games are so long and tedious — a rapid-cutting show that covers all the games would be great!” If you’re of that mindset, we present you The Starters’ phony NBA RedZone trial run, starring TNT’s Ernie Johnson Jr.:

Obviously, this is designed to be a joke. Still, it’s hard to imagine an actual NBA RedZone faring much better.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has said the league would like to add a service to NBA League Pass that allows fans to tune in to the final minutes games, in an effort to allow viewers to see the most important moments. Except one problem: Have you ever watched the final three minutes of an NBA game? Any hopes of jumping from exciting moment to exciting moment would be eradicated by fouls, free throws and referees reviewing plays.