How Teacher Uses Tom Brady Photos To get Speeders To Slow Down Near School


Tom Brady’s dashing good looks finally have been put to good use.

Sam Balto, a physical education teacher at Ellis Elementary School in Roxbury, Mass., taped photos of the New England Patriots quarterback’s face onto crossing signs outside of the school Wednesday morning, the Boston Globe’s Steve Annear reports. Sick and tired of seeing drivers speeding though the school zones, Balto hoped the pictures would force drivers to slow down and prioritize the safety of the children.

“This is Boston, and Tom Brady is a champion and a leader. And when Tom Brady is getting sacked, (Bill) Belichick makes sure he changes the plays and improves safety for him,” Balto told the Globe. “If the Pats make moves for safety for Brady not to get sacked, I hope this can improve the safety of our students crossing the street.”

Here’s one of the new-look signs:

In October, Balto grabbed a radar gun to see how fast people were driving through the 20-mph zones. Here’s what he found:

So, did his plan have the desired effect?

“Did it work? Yes, absolutely,” Balto said. “Also we need a smile, everybody needs to put a smile on their face. Tom Brady is one good-looking guy. If I can get my kids to smile and their parents to smile, that’s a great way to start the day.”

Personally, with distracted driving such an issue in today’s society, we wonder whether these photos do more harm than good. Nevertheless, Balto gets high marks for creativity.

Thumbnail photo via Thumbnail photo via Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports Photo

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