Odell Beckham Jr. Laments Double Standard In Reaction To Tom Brady’s Blowup

by NESN Staff

December 4, 2017

Something just didn’t add up for Odell Beckham Jr. late Sunday night.

The New York Giants wide receiver, out for the season with an ankle injury, apparently saw footage of Tom Brady’s Week 13 sideline outburst, in which the New England Patriots quarterback freaked out on offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels during an eventual 20-point win over the Buffalo Bills.

Brady downplayed the spat as “just football,” and many fans seemed willing to give TB12 a pass. But one Twitter user noted that if Beckham similarly chewed out one of his coaches, we’d be all over him for it.

That tweet prompted a lengthy response from Beckham himself in the wee hours of Monday morning.

In short, Beckham agrees with this user that he and Brady are held to different standards. There’s more:

Beckham has a serious gripe here, but apparently it’s nothing personal with Brady, whom he called the “GOAT” in one final tweet.

We get where Beckham is coming from: He and Brady are among the most passionate players in the league, and if that passion takes the form of a sideline outburst (of which Beckham has had quite a few), it shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as a sign of immaturity or disrespect toward teammates or coaches.

Of course, you also could argue an established veteran like Brady has earned the right to get into it with McDaniels — who he’s worked with for many years — more than the 25-year-old Beckham has with anyone on the Giants.

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