Odell Beckham Jr. Compares His Meltdowns To Tom Brady’s In Instagram Video


Odell Beckham Jr. is fed up with the Tom Brady double standard.

The New York Giants receiver lamented the inconsistent reaction to Brady’s blow up with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on Sunday. Beckham, who’s also known to occasionally freak out on sidelines, thinks he and Brady both are just showing their competitive drives, yet people condemn Beckham while praising Brady.

On Wednesday, Beckham Instagrammed a video that splices clips of the two superstars flipping out, along with an emoji-assisted “GOAT chasin” caption. Check it out below:

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Does Beckham have a point? Probably.

However, OBJ likely lost any chance of receiving the benefit of the doubt after his infamous fight-filled game with cornerback Josh Norman in 2015. In case you’ve forgotten that debacle, here’s a refresher:

There’s a line between competitive fire and outright stupidity, and Beckham clearly crossed it in that game.

Still, it’s tough to argue that Brady isn’t given some preferential treatment — justified or not — when he snaps during games.

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