Getting used to being retired isn’t easy, regardless of what you once did for a living. But it’s especially difficult to get used to life in the slow lane when you’re used to living life at nearly 200 mph.

Patrick Dempsey and Mark Webber apparently still are grappling with the transition.

On Friday, Porsche posted a new ad, dubbed “Retired Racers,” in which the two former World Endurance Championship drivers bump into each other in the airport. They acted nonchalant while discussing whether they miss competing, but clearly still have the bug — especially Dempsey, who behaved the way lots of children do when they push a luggage cart.

Webber and Dempsey interestingly have more in common than their association with the German automaker. Both of them walked away from motorsport following not only the best seasons in their careers, but also years in which they finished P2 in their respective classes at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Although Webber hung up his helmet after the 2016 season, one year before Dempsey, the extra time hasn’t aided his adjustment. Not only does he view TSA lines as pit stop practice, but his brand loyalty to Porsche is hurting his ability to find a new job.