Audi and Porsche plan to lay out some ground rules (no touching of the hair or face?) before they do battle in Formula E.

The Volkswagen Group sister brands both will compete in FE starting in 2019, and Audi Motorsport head Dieter Gass said before they do, they will discuss how they’re “going to work in a championship together,” reports.

Audi has been involved in the all-electric series since it began, though Porsche decided in July that it will exit the World Endurance Championship after 2017 and enter FE in Season 5.

“It is important at least to set out the rules, at least,” Gass said. “You can save a lot of money if you have some areas of cooperation.”

Although there’s a financial benefit to the two manufacturers sharing certain components, he acknowledges that both Porsche and Audi want to use FE to develop their own future products. As a result, he hopes they can strike a balance between collaboration and competition as they did when they raced against each other in WEC.

“Both brands are doing it to show their level of technological competence and to win the races, Gass told

“You don’t want to use exactly the same car, you still want the competition, but I think it’s worthwhile having the conversation and agree how to proceed.”

We’re hardly surprised the two automakers are contemplating joining forces in some capacity. As Porsche proved with its tribute to Audi’s WEC program, they’re capable of setting aside their sibling rivalry every now and then.

Thumbnail photo via Formula E