Many automakers historically have opted not to sell some of their most desirable models in the United States. But Polestar isn’t like most manufacturers.

Polestar has named the U.S. as one of the six initial launch markets for its first model, the Polestar 1, the company announced Thursday. That said, Americans won’t be able to buy the 600-horsepower hybrid sports car — though nobody will.

Because Polestar is owned by Volvo, the luxury brand unsurprisingly is doing things differently than most, opting to ditch the traditional dealer model in favor of a subscription service. Customers won’t be required to place a deposit, and their monthly payment will include usage of the vehicle, deliveries for service, on-demand services and cover insurance, as well as depreciation.

Starting in mid-2019, the Swedish automaker will open Polestar Space stores in the six launches, with two earmarked for the U.S. These stores, similar to the ones Tesla operates, will be where customers go to learn more about the Polestar 1, and/or reserve one.

The brand’s second model, the Polestar 2, is slated to launch shortly after the Polestar Space locations open in late 2019. It will be an all-electric mid-size car aimed at the Tesla Model 3.

Thumbnail photo via Polestar