Nick Wright really is a hot-take factory these days, isn’t he?

The Skip Bayless-esque co-host of FOX Sports One’s “First Things First” recently has developed quite the penchant for throwing cold water on New England sports fans. He thinks Tom Brady’s decline is underway, and he believes the Boston Celtics finally are playing like their true, average selves.

(To be fair: Wright might be right about both of those points.)

And on Thursday, Wright made the case for why Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley should win the NFL Most Valuable Player award over Brady. Take it away, Nick:

Honestly, Wright was on a roll — for a about a minute.

But once you bring fantasy football into a discussion about real-life NFL awards, your argument loses all credibility. Did Gurley help some people win their fantasy championships? You bet. But Jay Cutler’s performance against the New England Patriots in Week 14 helped some people make the playoffs, so maybe we should give him some hardware too.

At the end of the day, the MVP race likely will come down to Gurley and Brady, and you could make convincing cases for both players. But given the voters’ clear favoritism toward quarterbacks, the Patriots’ signal-caller probably has the edge, albeit a slim one.

Thumbnail photo via Robert Hanashiro/USA TODAY Sports Images