Odell Beckham Jr. thinks a double standard exists between him and Tom Brady.

And Will Cain thinks he’s nuts.

Brady freaked out on Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on the sideline Sunday in New England’s 23-3 win over the Buffalo Bills. The blow-up prompted a wide range of responses, but Brady described the incident as “just football,” causing many folks to sweep it under the rug.

Beckham, who’s been caught up in some controversial incidents in the past, couldn’t help but wonder whether people would view the interaction much differently if he or some other players not named Brady were involved. And the Giants wide receiver took things a step further Wednesday by posting a video to Instagram featuring both him and Brady in intense situations, a comparison Cain described as “delusional” Thursday on ESPN’s “First Take.”

Here’s what Cain and Max Kellerman said about the topic:

Thumbnail photo via Jonathan Dyer/USA TODAY Sports Images