BMW apparently likes to do things the difficult — and extremely badass — way.

BMW USA posted a video Sunday that highlights the daring lengths that the German automaker will go to in the hopes of setting the Guinness World Record for the longest-length drift in eight hours on Jan. 9. Johan Schwartz, the driver who will attempt the record, will be allowed to stop for fuel, per Guinness’ rules, though BMW and Detroit Speed Inc. have developed a way for Schwartz to fill up without stopping the car — or even straightening it out.

Schwartz’s M5 will be topped off mid-drift using car-to-car refueling, modeled after the system used by fighter jets. A second car carrying gasoline will enter the track and drift in tandem with Schwartz, getting close enough for a crew member to transfer roughly 15-18 gallons of fuel to the lead car in just 50 seconds.

The new all-wheel-drive M5 might not be able to beat the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s Nurburgring lap time, but this world record arguably would be even more impressive. No wonder BMW fitted it with a 2WD driving mode.