What Tom Brady is doing at age 40 defies all logic.

The New England Patriots quarterback has a very real chance of finishing his age-40 season with an NFL MVP award, a Super Bowl MVP award and yet another Super Bowl championship. Most people attribute Brady’s incredible longevity to a combination of alternative wellness, all-time great coaching and, of course, skill.

Some, like ESPN’s Dan Le Batard, wonder if there’s a more cynical theory, however.

During Monday’s episode of “The Dan Le Batard Show,” the popular radio host essentially asked whether Brady is using performance-enhancing drugs. Le Batard tip-toed around the topic, and never specifically said “steroids” or PEDs,” but it was abundantly clear what he was talking about.

“And this is what I want to ask you: … When faced with a quarterback who is aging in a way that has no precedent in the history of aging, is there any particular reason that people aren’t questioning that?” Le Batard asked co-host Stugotz. “Man, we climbed into Peyton Manning … Peyton Manning doesn’t look the part on pharmaceuticals, and Al Jazeera was climbing around in his wife’s stuff, trying to get at the hormones.

“And so what I’m asking you is, is it an unfair question to wonder whether, when facing something that has literally no precedent in the history of football or aging, to be like, ‘how?’ ”

Stugotz’s response: “No, it’s not an unfair question.”

That should go over well with Patriots fans, who have had it up to here with ESPN.

Le Batard obviously can ask any question he wants, so long as he doesn’t explicitly accuse someone of something without evidence. Still, perhaps people finally should submit to Brady’s greatness and accept the Patriots QB really is a once-in-a-lifetime athlete.

Or, you know, maybe he’s a unicorn.

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