Patriots Fans Shred ‘HQ Trivia’ Host For Calling Tom Brady ‘Cheater’


“HQ Trivia” might’ve lost a ton of players Wednesday night.

For the uninitiated, “HQ Trivia” is a live mobile trivia game that runs twice a day and gives users a chance to split grand prizes typically ranging from $2,000 to $10,000. All participants must do is answer each of the 12 questions correctly.

The game, which requires no entry fee and is taking the world by storm, primarily is hosted by Scott Rogowsky, who often uses the moments before game time and between questions to inject some humor. However, one of his jokes during Wednesday night’s episode fell spectacularly flat — at least with New Englanders.

It all started when Rogowsky introduced the second question which, like most early “HQ” questions, was rather silly.

Real brain-buster.

Before Rogowsky revealed the correct answer, he went on a diatribe that concluded with a jab at New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“Thomas the Tank Engine is a fictional locomotive character for kids,” Rogowski said. “Tommy Pickles is the leader of the ‘Rugrats.’

“And Tom Brady is a cheater.”

Twitter, of course, blew up almost instantly, with many praising Rogowsky for throwing shade at Brady. Others, however, weren’t so kind.

(Warning: Some of the tweets contain inappropriate language.)

Now, if you’re an “HQ” player, Rogowsky’s transgressions against Brady shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the host’s smugness routinely takes center stage.

Between obscure baseball player references and the constant name-dropping of musical artists (Death Cab for Cutie) he thinks make him seem like a music buff, Rogowsky tries extra hard to be interesting. But hey, the game has become a cultural phenomenon, so give credit where credit is due.

In case you’re looking for an apology from Rogowsky, “HQ Trivia” goes live daily at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET.

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