Turns out Rafael Palmeiro wasn’t kidding, he actually is making an attempt to return to Major League Baseball.

The retired slugger hasn’t played in the MLB since 2005, but expressed a desire to return to the major leagues. His departure from the game following his name incessantly being linked to steroid-users was understandably messy, but in an attempt to turn the page, he posted a video Friday showing him taking some swings in a cage.

Taks a look:

If nothing else, he still has some pretty impressive mechanics.

But of course, a comeback at age 53 will be a wildly uphill battle, and teams almost certainly would be reluctant to give him a chance, given he very well could be useless in the field and wouldn’t produce strong enough numbers for a team to want to have him take a roster spot and simply DH.

But then again, stranger things have happened.

Thumbnail photo via YouTube/MLB