There were plenty of memorable moments in Super Bowl LII, and one that — much to their chagrin — likely stands out for plenty of New England Patriots fans is Tom Brady’s dropped pass from Danny Amendola on a second quarter trick play.

Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Antonio Brown had a field day with the incompletion, as did a Philadelphia doughnut shop. And now, you can add comedian Bill Burr, and “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert to the list.

Burr took a shot at Brady during an appearance on Conan, teasing the Pats’ 40-year-old signal-caller for his appearance when running.

“You know what was funny, on that play you actually saw his age,” Burr told host Conan O’Brien, as transcribed by ForTheWin. “When he stands in the pocket, he looks 25. The second he starts running it’s like ‘dude, I could D this guy up.

“Like did you see last year, when he threw that pick-six? When he dove to tackle that guy, it looked like somebody threw a dead body out of a car.”

Colbert then crafted a one-liner at the expense of Brady.

“Speaking of delicious snack cakes, did you guys catch the Super Bowl last night?” Colbert said, via ForTheWin. “Then you’re better at catching things than Tom Brady.”


Of course, the dropped pass was one of otherwise few things that could be singled out from Brady’s Super Bowl performance. He threw for 505 yards and three touchdowns in the 41-33 loss.