Indy Star Columnist: ‘Selfish Jerk’ Josh McDaniels Did Colts Favor With U-Turn


February 7, 2018

Hell hath no fury like a football writer scorned.

Indy Star columnist Gregg Doyel ripped Josh McDaniels on Tuesday night after he backed out of his weeks-old agreement to become the Indianapolis Colts head coach. McDaniels instead will remain the New England Patriots’ offensive coordinator — and Bill Belichick’s likely successor — after leaving the Colts in a lurch.

McDaniels’ decision prompted a stinging rebuke from Doyel, who describes the 41-year-old as a “selfish jerk,” “punk” and “loser” among other barbs.

“What becomes of that rat is of no concern to me, not anymore, now that he has removed himself from our city and saved the Colts from themselves,” Doyel writes. “And that, my friends, is how you need to see this: The Colts couldn’t do it on their own, so Josh McDaniels rescued them by withdrawing his name. And he did it for the most delightful of reasons: Apparently he thinks, giggle, he’ s too good for them. In his opening line.”

Doyel also contends McDaniels did Indianapolis a favor with his U-turn, citing his disastrous tenure as head coach of the Denver Broncos between 2009 and 2010.

“As for the Colts, they have a second chance to get this right, and how many times can you rectify a grievous error before the error does actual damage?” Doyel asks. “In the long run, the franchise will be better with someone else, anyone else, as head coach. That’s not easy to see right now, I know it, but if McDaniels can be this destructive, this selfish, this fraudulent in three weeks as de facto head coach of the Colts, imagine how much damage he would have done here in three years.”

Thanks for telling the world how you really feel, Doyel.

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