Hafthor Bjronsoon is, like, sooo strong.

The Icelandic professional strongman, more famously known as “The Mountain” from “Game of Thrones,” is looking to atone for his second-place finish in last year’s Arnold Classic. And judging by the ridiculously hyped video Bjornsson recently shared on Instagram, we’d say he has a decent shot of coming in first.

Don’t believe us? Watch Bjornsson, flanked by his screaming viking brethren, deadlift 1,003 pounds with an Elephant Bar in the video below:

Get some!

(And by “some,” we mean an entire box of smelling salts.)

This certainly bodes well for the 6-foot-9 Bjornsson, who finished third in the Elephant Bar event at the 2017 Arnold Classic after pulling 961 pounds. If The Mountain keeps this up, he could break Jerry Pritchett’s Elephant Bar deadlift record of 1,031 pounds.

The 2018 Arnold Classic kicks off March 2 in Columbus, Ohio.