Want to feel really old? “The Sandlot” turns 25 this year.

Every ’90s kid’s favorite baseball movie dropped around this time in 1993, and apparently it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Why? Because a handful of Milwaukee Brewers players decided to re-create one of the film’s classic scenes Sunday — and they absolutely nailed it.

(Here’s the original scene for reference.)

Just give these guys an Oscar already.

Props are in order for catcher Stephen Vogt, who plays a perfect “Ham” Porter, as well as outfielder Christian Yelich, who’s a dead ringer for Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez. On that note, shout-out to whoever casted and directed this: Hank the Dog is hilarious as “The Beast” and the players’ costumes are spot on.

Safe to say these guys outdid the 2015 New York Yankees.

Thumbnail photo via Orlando Ramirez/USA TODAY Sports Images