Bruins’ Zdeno Chara Preaches Golden Rule In Necessary Instagram Post

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: You need to follow Zdeno Chara on Instagram.

The Boston Bruins defenseman has offered a steady stream of thoughtful posts since arriving fashionably late to social media in January. Be they reflections on pigeons or tender tributes to mothers, Chara’s posts always are must-see.

But for his latest act, Chara didn’t write about any person or group in particular. Instead, the 40-year-old gentle giant penned a very necessary message about morality.

Here’s what Chara had to say about treating others and leading by example:

“Every time we point a finger at someone, there are three remaining fingers pointing back at us,” Chara wrote. “We may want to be careful with criticizing others. A good leader makes others realize their mistake in an effective way. Without blame or insult. We can choose words wisely, our positive actions and good examples teach people more than the desire to change them. And if you’re on the other end and feel that there is more criticism and negativity than helping hand in any relationship, recognize it and walk away.

“We should treat others as we like to be treated. And I believe in changing myself first. I believe that’s the most I can do: to start with myself. The only thing I can really change. #powerofone”

Well said.

At this point, feverishly refreshing Instagram to see Chara’s latest posts has become commonplace for Bruins fans.

Thumbnail photo via Dennis Wierzbicki/USA TODAY Sports Images

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