Danica Patrick’s professional racing career will end after the 2018 Indianapolis 500.

Her career as a bona fide gym rat isn’t ending anytime soon, however.

Patrick’s ongoing Instagram documentary of her workout habits is no secret. But she recently has ramped up the intensity, as evidenced by a pair of videos showcasing the racing superstar’s beast-mode mentality in her home gym.

You can watch the videos here and here — but be warned: You might leave them feeling guilty about what you’ve done all weekend.

Is Patrick’s pull-up form a model of perfection? No, as she certainly could eliminate some sway. Furthermore, her shaky arms on the cleans and jerks suggest she might be lifting a bit too heavy.

Still, Patrick is in far better shape than most Earth-dwellers. And despite her penchant for wrecking out in NASCAR races, she’s pretty good at this whole motorsports thing, too.

Thumbnail photo via Mike DiNovo/USA TODAY Sports Images