Russell Wilson Convinced Yankees’ Clint Frazier That Water Will Heal His Concussion


Some of the world’s top scientists haven’t quite cracked the code on healing concussions, but Russell Wilson still is convinced he has.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback — whose baseball rights belong to the New York Yankees — has long argued that drinking copious amounts of water will miraculously heal your concussions and he apparently has found a new believer.

Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier suffered a concussion last Saturday and was going through the typical symptoms. Then Wilson, who attended Yankees spring training for the week, turned him onto drinking gallons of water.

And the 23-year-old Frazier believes it’s working, according to The New York Times.

“Then, on the advice of Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback who is in camp this week with the Yankees, Frazier began drinking water — and lots of it,” wrote The Times’ Billy Witz.

“Frazier guzzled six 12-ounce bottles over an hour or so Wednesday morning, and suddenly the symptoms diminished. His headache dissipated and his hunger returned.

“‘I don?t know for sure,’ Frazier said with a laugh, estimating that he had drank a gallon of water. ‘But it pumps oxygen to your brain a lot, so I feel alive right now. Maybe I was lacking water; I don’t know. Maybe I just feel good.'”


Wilson actually put his NFL team in some hot water recently regarding concussions. After taking a nasty hit back in December, he made a very quick stop in the blue tent where they test for concussions, quite clearly not undergoing the proper concussion protocol. The Seahawks were whacked with a $100,000 fine for the ordeal.

He also asserted in 2015 that a type of enhanced water he drank prevented him from getting a concussion on a big hit he took.

Hey, it’s great if Frazier is feeling better. But we’re not totally convinced Wilson’s pseudoscience is the reason for it.

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