Whether Boston Celtics fans get to watch Gordon Hayward play basketball again this season remains to be seen. But for those really clamoring to watch him compete, there’s always “Fortnite.”

The immensely popular battle royale video game has become a go-to for professional athletes during their down times. And Hayward, who is among the NBA’s foremost gamers, has hopped on the bandwagon.

Hayward recently teamed up with Will Fahrenbach, a former Weber State tight end who goes by Fbach on Twitch. And during Fbach’s stream Saturday, Hayward (player ID: GTimeee) picked up an impressive quick-scope sniper kill.

(Warning: Hayward uses some NSFW language after scoring the kill.)


Hayward understandably was impressed with himself, as he tweeted the clip Monday morning along with this message:

“Everyone telling me to try #Fortnite…Jumped on @fbach stream and I’m already making plays like this. #quickscope #pc #imamonster.”

Those concerned that Hayward’s love for games could distract him from rehabbing his injured ankle need not worry. In fact, video games and virtual reality reportedly have played roles in Hayward’s rehabilitation process.

Thumbnail photo via Twitch/Fbach_Live"