Brad Marchand Hilariously Gets Offer From Mentos After Licking Leo Komarov’s Neck

BOSTON — Brad Marchand’s, let’s call it special, moment with Toronto Maple Leafs forward Leo Komorav grabbed the attention of many, including a mint company.

The Boston Bruins winger gave the Leafs forward a lick on the neck during Game 1 of the two teams’ first-round Stanley Cup playoff series, which was followed up by a hilarious explanation as to why he did it.

After Saturday’s morning skate, Marchand joked that all the Leafs now know he has bad breath, which prompted a reporter to reply that he could have a few Mentos. The B’s winger responded with “I love Mentos,” as he walked away.

Mentos caught word of his comments, and tried stricking a little deal with him.

Excellent product placement.

We’ll see if Marchand has any more tricks up his sleeve for Saturday’s Game 2.