The New England Patriots have more than enough capital to make a big draft-day move. The only question now is will the team choose to do so.

Cris Carter certainly believes making a splash in the draft would be in the Patriots’ best interest.

During Wednesday’s edition of “First Things First” on FOX Sports 1, Carter explained why he believes New England should invest “substantial resources” in order to find the heir to Tom Brady.

Here’s Carter’s logic:

It’s hard to imagine the Patriots not addressing the quarterback position in the draft later this month. While New England has the ability to trade up to snag one of the top QB prospects in this year’s class, a blockbuster move of that caliber would be very uncharacteristic of the Patriots. Not to mention, the team might not view any of big names (Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen) as the best fit for their system.

New England has a fairly good track record of drafting quarterbacks in the Bill Belichick era, so we have a feeling the Patriots coach has a plan in place for landing his next franchise signal-caller.