Patriots Mailbag: What Are Patriots’ Various Options In 2018 NFL Draft?


April 20, 2018

The speculation, mock drafts and rumors all will be over in less than a week, when the 2018 NFL Draft finally begins Thursday.

Naturally, there are plenty of questions in this week’s mailbag about what the New England Patriots might do next week. Let’s get right into it.

#MailDoug Hey Doug. Love your thoughts on Pats drafting Rosen. Failing a move up in the draft and staying with all picks, what do you see happening with drafting a QB?
— @wilroache
The Patriots would have a few options if they don’t move up to draft a quarterback. They could select either Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph at Nos. 23 or 31, hope Kyle Lauletta falls to them at Nos. 43 or 63, or maybe they don’t like any of those options and instead grab someone like Western Kentucky’s Mike White or Washington State’s Luke Falk in the second or third round.

The Patriots also could take two quarterbacks in the draft. They’re spending time with guys thought to be late rounders, like Princeton’s Chad Kanoff.

Here’s a scenario I like if the Patriots don’t trade up for Josh Rosen.

No. 23: OT Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame
No. 31: EDGE Lorenzo Carter, Georgia
No. 43: QB Kyle Lauletta, Richmond
No. 63: WR Dante Pettis, Washington
No. 95: LB Fred Warner, BYU

McGlinchey gives them a Day 1 starter at left tackle, Carter has the versatility to rush, cover and stop the run, Lauletta is a nice consolation prize for missing on Rosen, Pettis is a stud receiver and Warner is an athletic linebacker who can cover.

If I were the Patriots, I might actually trade down from No. 31. I think they could get players like Carter or Alabama’s Rashaan Evans later than No. 31.

Say the Patriots trade No. 31 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for No. 38 overall and No. 102 overall.

Then the Patriots could do something like this:

No. 23: OT Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame
No. 38: LB Rashaan Evans, Alabama
No. 43: QB Kyle Lauletta, Richmond
No. 63: WR Dante Pettis, Washington
No. 95: TE Ian Thomas, Indiana
No. 102: DE Tyquan Lewis, Ohio State

That looks pretty good, right?

Rank the top 6 QBs from 1-6, on best player and best Pats fit.. #MailDoug
— @CelticGreen2018
Best player:
1. Josh Rosen
2. Baker Mayfield
3. Sam Darnold
4. Lamar Jackson
5. Mason Rudolph
6. Josh Allen

For best traditional fit, I might swap Jackson with Rudolph. The Patriots certainly could fit Jackson into their offense, but tweaks clearly would have to be made. Jackson ran more than he threw in college. He ran more in three college seasons than Brady has in his entire 18-year NFL career.

I don’t get the Allen thing. Sorry, Big Cat and PFT. I know he’s tall, has big hands, a rocket arm and looks good in shorts, but his accuracy was a major problem in college. It’s always so weird to me when teams fall in love with guys like Allen or Blaine Gabbert from a few years back. It’s like everyone other than them can see what’s going to happen.

@DougKyed game you are most looking forward to this season. #maildoug
— @lc_3344
Travel-wise, probably the Chicago Bears. Chicago is the only major U.S. city I haven’t visited.

I’m excited to see the Green Bay Packers come to Gillette Stadium, too. Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady is fun.

@DougKyed #MailDoug what is a dream scenario in the top 2 rounds for the pats in the draft?
— @NFLDraftGuru315
That Rosen somehow falls all the way to No. 23 overall.

Then I’d go:

No. 23: Rosen
No. 31: Evans
No. 43: DE Rasheem Green, USC
No. 63: OT Brian O’Neill, Pittsburgh
No. 95: Thomas

Which WR?s who are on the current Roster are most likely to be cut in your opinion? Like this WR group and can?t imagine they will cut Dorsett after they traded for him but they also have roster locks in Jules, Hogan, Mitchell, Slater and added guys Patterson, Matthews, Britt ?
— @crostefan_
I expect Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, Jordan Matthews, Cordarrelle Patterson and Matthew Slater to make the roster. If Malcolm Mitchell is healthy, then he’d be on there too. If he’s not, then that could leave a spot open for Phillip Dorsett, Kenny Britt, Riley McCarron or Cody Hollister. I’d probably pick Britt out of that group. He’s older than the other players, but he has a history of success and still probably provides more upside.

It would further complicate matters, and potentially preclude Matthews, Patterson, Mitchell, Dorsett, Britt, McCarron or Hollister from making the roster if the Patriots took a wide receiver like Dante Pettis, D.J. Moore, Christian Kirk, Calvin Ridley early or even grabbed a later-round option like Dylan Cantrell in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Thoughts on the PFF mock draft that has the Pats landing Chubb, Lauletta, and Jewell? #MailDoug
— @StephenPorier
That mock had the Patriots trading up to No. 13 overall to land N.C. State defensive end Bradley Chubb. I think Chubb is worthy of a trade up, but I don’t think he’ll be available at 13th overall.

I like Lauletta a lot, but Jewell isn’t quite as athletic as I’d like for a potential Patriots linebacker. PFF also had the Patriots taking Pettis, which I obviously agree with. Pettis is an elite punt returner and a great route-runner with impressive athleticism. He seems to check all the boxes. Josh McDaniels worked with Pettis’ cousin, Austin, when he was offensive coordinator with the Rams. Austin, like Dante, was a receiver.

Let’s go rapid fire.

If could ride one more bandwagon, which one would be: Riley McCarron, Kyle Lauletta or Will Tye? Or other option? #MailDoug
— @gcabreu87
Go with Lauletta.

Whose going to be the starting running back @DougKyed
— @kevindotbox
Right now? Rex Burkhead. The Patriots have shown interest in drafting a running back high, though.

Here’s how that might look:

No. 23: McGlinchey
No. 31: RB Derrius Guice, LSU
No. 43: Lauletta
No. 63: LB Jerome Baker, Ohio State
No. 95: Lewis

Is everyone on the Patriots organization confirmed to be back in 2018 or are they all retiring? More seriously, what are Cyrus Jones’ chances of making the roster and who do you see as the main punt returner as of today?
— @FantasmaDLaDuda
I’m not sure. Have they given official word?

Y does the media particularly the national media want brady to retire ?
— @CheyenneSulli14
I think they just want something to talk about.

Are you excited to spend Thanksgiving in Detroit? #MailDoug
— @JeffWIIM
I rejoiced when I found out the Patriots aren’t playing on Thanksgiving. No offense, Detroit, but I think my baby daughter wants me home for Thanksgiving.

Am I the only one that forgets Jeremy Hill is on this team?
— @DanielVConnolly
You might be. I, for one, have not forgotten.

Brady tells the Patriots he is playing this year;all through camp looks great. 1st game,1st play he throws it to Gronk who promptly runs into their own endzone& purposely fumbles.Brady high fives him; they walk off while flipping off Belichick,join WWE as a tag team. Come at me.
— @MrQuindazzi
I think Brady would be kind of a crappy WWE Superstar.

Best month to visit Boston/Foxboro for a pats game??
— @EDanielnava
October. The weather won’t be too cold, and you’ll get to see some cool fall foliage.

#MailDoug Should Brady have a say on which QB NE picks in this draft?
Have you had a chance to evaluate QB Luis Perez from DII? He won the Harlon Hill Trophy last year and seems to have a Patriot like mindset.
— @luchougolini
Brady should not have a say. The Patriots are all about doing your job, and that’s not Brady’s job.

And no, I hadn’t heard of Luis Perez before I just read your tweet.

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