Gordon Hayward’s rehab appears to be progressing at an impressive rate, and it might have something to do with his fantastic support system.

Aside from the help of the Boston Celtics and their staff, Hayward also receives regular boosts from his two young daughters, Bernie and Charlie. And now that Hayward’s mobility has increased, the Hayward girls can have even more fun with their dad as he works his way back from injury.

Amid a Saturday training session, Hayward’s wife, Robyn, captured the youngsters adorably hopping around the court alongside their dad. Robyn Hayward also noted the impromptu workout was a great way for the girls to alleviate all the sugar they took in.

As for the Celtics forward, a recent video showing Hayward lightly jogging likely led some fans to believe that he’ll be able to return to game action this season. Boston head coach Brad Stevens quickly shot down this idea, though, acknowledging Hayward still is a “long, long way away” from rejoining the C’s.