After ex-Patriots linebacker Cassius Marsh ripped into New England, claiming he hated his time there and didn’t have fun, multiple Patriots, both past and present, since have offered their take on life in Foxborough.

Among them, retired tight end Martellus Bennett.

Bennett played one season and change for the Patriots, winning Super Bowl LI with them. Known for his unique way of thinking, Bennett weighed in Thursday on the ongoing “fun” debate surrounding the Patriots on Twitter, uniquely articulating it in a way only he could.

After defining fun, Bennett shifted to his own experience, then provided some defense for Marsh.

So long as Bill Belichick is coaching the team, it is unlikely this discussion is going to fade anytime soon.

But what has become clear over recent days is that everyone’s perception is a little different, and that there is no cut-and-dry answer to this debate.

Thumbnail photo via Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports