Have the Boston Bruins found a Czech Republic-born diamond in the rough?

In Round 3 of the 2018 NHL Draft on Saturday, the Bruins selected Czech center Jakub Lauko with the 77th overall pick. The pick was made shortly after Boston nabbed Swedish defenseman Axel Andersson in Round 2 with the 57th pick.

The Bruins, of course, already have two Czech stars on their roster in center David Krejci and winger David Pastrnak, who were drafted with the 63rd and 25th overall picks in their respective drafts.

Here’s Lauko’s draft profile:

And here are a few words from Lauko himself:

So, what are the Bruins getting in the 18-year-old lefty?

“Brings likable work ethic and attitude to the ice, with his outstanding acceleration and straight line speed he’s a real threat on the rush,” Draftin Europe wrote of Lauko.

(You can click here to watch some of Lauko’s highlights.)

Boston has five total selections in the 2018 draft, although it doesn’t have a pick in Round 5.

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