Conor McGregor is back in the United States this week, but not for a big fight, press conference or training session.

He’ll make his first court appearance Thursday since being arrested for his role in the violent bus attack he instigated prior to UFC 223 in April at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

So what will happen to McGregor at Thursday’s hearing?

An anonymous person close to the situation told USA Today that prosecutors and McGregor’s attorneys “are working on some kind of resolution.”

McGregor still hasn’t been indicted and former Brooklyn prosecutor Taylor Koss told the paper “there appears to be no rush to indict” him.

With no indictment, Koss most likely expects the judge at the hearing on Thursday to either schedule another hearing in the near future, reach a resolution via a plea agreement or, in the least likely scenario, drop all charges.

Koss also predicted the overall damage inflicted on McGregor to be minimal.

“I don’t see jail time,” Koss told USA Today Sports. “From my understanding, McGregor doesn’t have a criminal record. This is not a violent crime. Yes, it looked violent, but it’s a property crime. At a maximum, he’s probably looking at probation.”

Thumbnail photo via Per Haljestam/USA TODAY Sports Images