Somehow, some way, Kyrie Irving was one of the biggest stories to come out of Panama’s 3-0 loss to Belgium on Monday in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Before and during the match, fans noticed that Panama midfielder Gabriel Gomez looks an awful lot like the Boston Celtics point guard. And, to be perfectly honest, we also think the resemblance is somewhat creepy.

First, watch this video of Gomez greeting young fans before taking the field:

Now, wait until the 20-second mark in this video of Gomez and his teammates singing the Panamanian national anthem:

But wait, there’s more.

(You can click here to view an up-close shot of Gomez looking very, very much like Irving.)

(And you can click here to a side-by-side of Irving and Gomez.)

Now, is Gomez a perfect copy of Irving? Well, no, and that line he has cut into his hair definitely isn’t very Irving-like. Still, that’s a close to a carbon copy of “Uncle Drew” as you’ll ever see.

No word yet on whether Gomez also questions the Earth’s roundness, however.

Thumbnail photo via Andrew Nelles/The Tennessean via USA TODAY Sports Images