As LeBron James potentially heads to free agency, NBA fans are clueless as to his priorities: Does he want to win championships? Does he want to further expand his brand (and bank account)? Does he want to stick with what makes he and his family comfortable?

For now, let’s focus on that first part.

Stephen A. Smith recently named seven teams who will pursue James in the offseason, including the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. And Jalen Rose, who believes James ultimately will either stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers or join the Los Angeles Lakers, feels that if immediately winning titles is his priority, then only two teams fit the bill.

Rose, however, also believes championship-hunting currently is less important to James than other factors, such as familiarity or the chance to build a new team around him.

“In my opinion, if LeBron James goes to any basketball team that’s not the Boston Celtics or not the Golden State Warriors, he won’t win a championship next year anyway,” Rose said on ESPN’s “Get Up!” on Monday. ” … LeBron should not, and will not, in my opinion, pick a team based on the fact that they’re going to win a championship next year, because wherever he signs, they will not win the championship next year.”

Rose admittedly was all over the place with that take.

What he essentially is saying, however, is that although Boston and Golden State give James the best chances of winning a title, neither option is a realistic destination, for multiple reasons. So, since winning a championship next year is, in theory, off the table, then James will either stay with what he’s familiar with (the Cavs) or sign with a franchise that can help him expand his brand and satisfy his team-building desires (the Lakers).

Got it? Good.

With NBA free agency still a few weeks away, the James rumors are running rampant, especially ones connecting him to Boston.

The 33-year-old reportedly is down on signing with the Celtics because of the unappealing aspect of chasing former teammate Kyrie Irving. He reportedly “would listen” should Boston comes calling during the summer, though.

Oh, and he reportedly has a marketing plan “in motion” for a move to Los Angeles.

Excited for the “summer of LeBron” yet, NBA fans?

Thumbnail photo via David Richard/USA TODAY Sports Images