Matt Patricia worked under one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time, so he’s certainly picked up a few things over the years.

Patricia served on Bill Belichick’s coaching staff for the New England Patriots since 2004 but now has begun on a new endeavor: taking the reigns for the Detroit Lions.

One thing that long has been a staple for the Patriots is the motto: “Do Your Job.” Although that term became synonymous with New England and the “Patriot Way,” it appears it is about to become a key part of the Lions organization as well.

That’s because the Lions head coach is hanging “Do Your Job” signs around the team’s practice facility, even one right when you walk in, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Lions backup quarterback Matt Cassel began his career with the Pats, so he is well aware of the importance of that saying’s importance.

“It always comes down to being accountable to your teammates and so many times you get caught up in everything else going on,” Cassel said, via the Free Press said. “And I remember as a young guy, you always worry about, ‘Well, who’s getting the reps,’ and this, that and the other, and it takes you and distracts you away from just doing your job.

“And that’s the best part about this type of program, is the best guys are going to play and if you do your job and do it right you’re going to be on the field, and they’ve shown that time and time again. They don’t care if you’re a free agent, they don’t care if you’re a fifth-round draft pick or a first-round draft [pick] if you’re going to go out and do your job and make us better. It’s all about winning.”

Even if the line is a borrowed one, it certainly can’t hurt for Patricia to try ingrain that belief system into his new team.

Thumbnail photo via Raj Mehta/USA TODAY Sports Images