Aaron Rodgers has watched a number of fellow NFL quarterbacks cash in on massive deals in recent years, and it’s starting to feel like the Green Bay Packers star soon will have his turn.

While the timing of the deal remains uncertain, it’s become widely expected that Rodgers and the Packers will come to terms on a contract extension that will make the 34-year-old the highest-paid QB in the league.

The news of Rodgers’ extension will become the No. 1 NFL story whenever it sees the light of day. And according to Rodgers himself, that moment will come whenever one of his former teammates decides to share the information with the world.

“Let me say this, if you want to find out when there’s a contract extension, just follow my guy James Jones,” Rodgers said in an interview with NFL Network. “Either on the network, or on his Twitter handle, and that’s when you’re going to find out what’s going on with my contract.”

Prior to joining NFL Network, Jones played eight seasons in Green Bay with Rodgers. Rodgers’ impending deal wouldn’t be Jones’ first news break either, as the former wideout was the first to report ex-Packers WR Jordy Nelson’s free-agent deal with the Oakland Raiders back in March, as noted by CBS Sports.

Sometimes it’s not about what you know, rather who you know.

Thumbnail photo via Jim Dedmon/USA TODAY Sports