Serena Williams sees nothing “random” with how the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency conducts its business.

The tennis star recently advanced all the way to the Wimbledon finals before falling to Angelique Kerber, an impressive achievement considering Williams gave birth to a baby girl less than a year ago.

But that achievement may have caught the eye of the USADA, which, according to Williams, “randomly” selected her for another drug test Tuesday.

Suffice it to say, Williams wasn’t happy with this development.

Accusing USADA of discrimination is no small matter, but Williams may have a case: According to the USADA’s database, which was last updated July 20, she’s already been drug tested five times this year, meaning this would be her sixth test.

No other female American tennis player has been tested more than twice this year, per the USADA’s database.

That’s some pretty compelling evidence of at least some imbalance in the testing system. But Serena opted to take the high road from there.

Thumbnail photo via Susan Mullane/USA TODAY Sports Images