Jim Harbaugh is a weird dude. Like, he refuses to wear anything but khakis, and gets in trouble for playing football inside malls — and he’s 54 years old.

All of that pales in comparison, however, to the Michigan football coach’s undying fear of all-things bok-bok.

Bleacher Report’s Matt Hayes published a lengthy piece Monday about Wolverines quarterback Shea Patterson. In addition to containing fascinating bits about the Junior QB, Hayes’ story also highlighted some of Harbaugh’s idiosyncrasies, including his irrational fear of chickens.

Check out this excerpt, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Stephen J. Nesbitt:

Let’s get this right out of the way: Harbaugh is wrong. Poultry has not infected the human race with some sort of irreversible, incurable case of apprehension.

Furthermore, if anyone out there truly believes chickens are “nervous birds,” we need only show you this clip:

Let’s hope Harbaugh — a leader of men, for crying out loud — isn’t really discouraging his disciples from ingesting white meat.

But if he is, then it becomes much easier to understand why San Francisco 49ers players couldn’t stand the guy.

Thumbnail photo via Patrick Gorski/USA TODAY Sports Images