Tom Brady’s on-field talents aren’t the only thing Blake Bortles appreciates about the New England Patriots quarterback.

Brady has been the epitome of a team player over the course of his 18 seasons with the Patriots, most notably from a contract standpoint. Despite arguably being the game’s best QB for the bulk of his career, Brady routinely has taken hometown discounts in order to give his team financial flexibility.

For Bortles, the five-time Super Bowl champion has set the standard for how to approach contract negotiations.

“I think definitely the way the Tom has done it is the way to try to model,” Bortles said during an appearance on Sirus XM NFL Radio, as transcribed by ProFootballTalk. “Having guys and putting pieces around him was definitely something. When you take up a ton of money you kind of limit your team and who they can help you out with and put around you. I’m not naive enough to say that we don’t need a run game. We also need a good defense, we need good receivers, we need all these pieces. You can’t play as a quarterback and do it yourself so I’m more than willing to take less money than somebody else might in my position to put good guys around us.”

Bortles’ sentiments must be music to the ears of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who, after Bortles signed a three-year, $54 million deal in February, still are loaded with young talent that soon will require even heftier salaries. And coming off a season in which they were one game from the Super Bowl, the Jags surely hope to keep the group intact.

Thumbnail photo via James Lang/USA TODAY Sports