Much has been made lately of the relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

After a report broke in January of a reported rift between the New England Patriots quarterback and head coach, the microscope has been over the two — and the rest of the organization, for that matter — more than ever before.

There are a slew of perceived reasons as to why the rift exists. And during an interview on WEEI’s “Ordway, Merloni and Fauria” on Monday, Belichick provided a little bit of insight into his relationship with Brady.

“Look, 19 years is 19 years,” Belichick said, via “Any relationship is going to evolve over that period of time, which ours has. We still do basically the same things we’ve done for quite a period of time now. I don’t see that changing.”

Belichick then was asked about the possible tension between the two.

“I have a good relationship with Tom,” Belichick responded. “I have a lot of respect for Tom. We’ve won a lot of games together and I hope we can win some more together. I know he feels the same way.”

Both Brady and Belichick have proven to be remarkably goal-driven individuals. And though their sights are set on the same thing, it would be naive to believe that they haven’t butted heads over the course of 19 years. That’s just human nature.

With that in mind, it sure sounds like the message from both parties is that they just want to keep winning games.