Imagine waking up to $150,000 being deposited in your bank account and having no idea why you were suddenly a little heavier in the wallet.

That’s exactly what happened to Tommy Fleetwood after the European Tour sent him the prize money for his 12th place finish at the 147th Open Championship last month.

But there appears to have been a small mixup, as the EuroTour sent the money to the wrong Tommy Fleetwood.

A Twitter user sent a screenshot of his friend’s mobile bank statement Wednesday that showed a $154,480 deposit from the European Tour into his friend, Florida resident Tommy Fleetwood’s account.

Per The Guardian, the other Tommy Fleetwood — who was born in 1959 —  played a few Challenge Tour events and his friend Greg Thorner thinks they must have had his information in the system.

“He called it up (on his phone) and looked at his statement, and that’s when he shouted ‘Holy smoke, I’ve just had $154,000 paid into my account.’” Thorner told The Guardian. “He got on to his bank immediately and they didn’t know what to say. That’s when I realized that it must be for the other Tommy Fleetwood and I quickly worked out that it was his Open winnings.

“I think what happened was that he played some Challenge Tour events on the European Tour back in the day and they must still have his details on file. At least he can always say he won $150,000 at the Open.”

World No. 11 golfer Tommy Fleetwood, who is preparing to tee off at the 100th PGA Championship on Thursday, found the situation quite humorous.

“I honestly didn’t know anything about it,” Fleetwood said. “I wouldn’t even know if I’d been paid or not because I don’t really look. It looks pretty genuine and they are looking into it and I’m sure they’ll feel pretty bad about it. It’s a funny story. ”

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