The feud between Conor McGregor and Paulie Malignaggi still isn’t over.

McGregor and Malignaggi sparred last year as the former prepared for his much-anticipated boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Their relationship quickly soured, however, when footage of the session surfaced, and it showed McGregor flooring Malignaggi.

Malignaggi, a former boxing champion, took offense to the idea that McGregor handled him inside the squared circle and fired back in the lead-up to The Notorious’ August 2017 showdown with Mayweather. Things seemed to cool down in recent months, but McGregor stoked the flame over the weekend by quote-tweeting a photo of him knocking down Malignaggi along with the caption: “Time flies when you are on your ass.”

Well, Malignaggi apparently didn’t appreciate the tweet, which came on the one-year anniversary of UFC president Dana White releasing the sparring footage. And he responded this week on SiriusXM Boxing by absolutely destroying McGregor, who’s set to make his UFC return against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 on Oct. 6.

“His pride is hurt,” Malignaggi said, per “He still thinks about the beating he caught, every day, in the gym last year. He had four seconds of highlights and it’s burning him inside that he only has four or five seconds of highlights in 36 minutes. He thinks about me every single day. His personality, his behavior pattern is very consistent with this. A year later, he is still Tweeting about me. A few months after we sparred, he put his only highlights on the documentary of his that came out as well. He’s really, all by himself, coming up with these ideas to think about Paulie Malignaggi.”

It sure sounds like Malignaggi is pumping the tires on his feud with McGregor, perhaps in an effort to someday set up a fight between the two. But he also isn’t high on McGregor’s chances against Nurmagomedov, pointing to McGregor’s two fights against Nate Diaz at UFC 196 and UFC 202.

“Here’s the thing about Conor, I’ve said that he has no balls and he has a problem with this fight,” Malignaggi said, per “Khabib is not a guy that will put you out of your misery. Remember the Nate Diaz fight, when he shot in on Nate Diaz and got submitted? Nate Diaz is a guy you don’t want to wind up on the ground with because he’s a black belt in jiu-jitsu and he’ll submit you right away. If you’re gonna fight Nate Diaz, you have to keep the fight standing up. In that fight against Nate Diaz, though, he’s getting pummeled in round two and he’s probably gonna get pummeled for the rest of the fight, so what does he do? He needs a way out of it because he doesn’t want to get beat up for four straight rounds. So what does he do? He goes, ‘If I take this fight to the ground, Nate will submit me and then it won’t look like I quit.’ ”

“The fact is he’s gonna look for a way out of that (Nurmagomedov) fight, too,” Malignaggi added. “Look at round five of the Diaz rematch, he’s literally running for his life. Who does that? With the fight hanging in the balance, who runs for the entire final round? He was given the decision in a close decision that could have went either way, but who takes that chance, though? These are all character flaws of a man with no balls. When you’re a fighter, you can tell right away who has character and who doesn’t. The guy has none, so he tries to play it up in other ways so he covers up the fact that he has no balls.”

No balls, huh? Interesting.

Male anatomy aside, Malignaggi and McGregor clearly don’t like each other, for whatever that’s worth.

Thumbnail photo via Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images