Odell Beckham Jr. likely wouldn’t trade his life for anyone else’s — but that doesn’t mean every day is sunshine and roses.

The New York Giants wide receiver, who recently became the NFL’s highest-paid wideout, was a guest on Tuesday’s episode of “The Shop,” a show created by NBA star LeBron James that features celebrities having high-brow conversations in a barbershop. Beckham talked about a lot of things, but its his comments on life as a celebrity athlete that are making headlines.

“To me, I be feeling like, I tell people this all the time — I really feel like a zoo animal,” Beckham said. “Like that’s where life’s gone for me. You know, you used to take your kids to the zoo and we used to be like, you know, ‘I want to see the lions’ or ‘Let’s go see the lions.’ And you go out there, and the lions are laid out. You know what I mean?

“And it’s like, why aren’t they doing lion stuff, you know what I mean? Like I’ve got people who call out, ‘Odell! Dance!’ Like, I’m a show punk, a show monkey or something. Like I’m a puppet, you know what I mean? And it’s like to me, that doesn’t feel good, but it’s like, damn, that’s what life became. But, can you ever really detach from that?”

Obviously, it’s difficult for most people to relate to what Beckham is talking about. Still, perhaps we should take his remarks seriously and think twice about the way we treat our favorite sports stars.

Because, lest we forget, these are human beings we’re talking about — not zoo animals.

Thumbnail photo via Tim Fuller/USA TODAY Sports Images